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With you,
I don’t feel butterflies in my stomach,
I feel a thousand stars
exploding in my chest
at the same time.
m.v., We are supernova (via findingwordsforthoughts)

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almost 8 months and I still am having trouble being back here

I’ve been to great, wonderful, famous places and realized that they are just places too — Me

Okay so I know that not every school is like this and that is wasn’t much better in the states but I really miss creative outlets. My school here in Denmark is not at all interested in anything artistic or creative. The most popular “creative outlet” is music. However I have seen little interest in actual liberal arts and applied arts. 

It makes me really sad because today for example, there was a kind of assembly where the whole school was taken outside. In the courtyard there was a sort of van with graffiti all over it and three guys. They talked (from what I understand) about culture and art and what can be done to help with its appreciation. They said that there would be kind of a contest sort of thing where you could write to the Culture Minister of Denmark as long as it was in the form of a haiku. I of course thought this was really cool and would have been interesting in giving it a try if I was given the time.. but I was myself and was too scared to do it by myself and the girls in my class had less than 0% interest in the whole thing.. I just hate being in schools where there is seriously no creative outlets. 

Here it is very based around science and business. Back in the states my school was all about medical and sports basically. I mean even though we had better art classes in the states, very few people actually take it seriously and really appreciate it.

So I missed out on a pretty cool opportunity like 15 minutes ago and I should’ve tried it. 


Okay, so I must have either done something good lately or I am expected to do something good here soon because karma has been pretty good to me today.

This morning I got up around 6:00 to get ready for school in the morning. I managed to be ready and out the door by 7:00 but then I wasn’t able to find the key for the lock on my bike. Finally I found it and was able to leave but by the time I made it to the station I had missed my train. Therefore I had to wait until 7:45 to catch the train. While I was waiting for my train I overheard a woman talking in English to a group of boys and from what I could catch, she was asking about the train that had just left and would be coming again in 30 minutes. After a little bit the boys walked away and the lady walked over to the long bench that I was sitting on. She walked pretty close to me and said “good morning” she continued to ask me if the train to Haslev would come here and I told her yes, in a bout 30 minutes. She then asked where she could buy a ticket and I pointed behind me to the main station where the machine was in. She looked kind of puzzled so I just said “I’ll help you buy your ticket” and then walked her to the main station and bought the ticket for her and her brother. While buying the ticket though, the 20 krone wouldn’t catch and therefore kept faling back like spare change would if you overpaid. A danish lady came up speaking danish to me and then took the 20 krone and tried but it again didn’t work. I ended up having to pay the last 18 kroner in 2 krones but finally i got their ticket for them. When walking back to the spor (don’t remember it in english- the place where the train comes) I told her how I don’t understand danish and that I am an exchange student. It turned out that she had two kids that were in the states currently which was really cool. When we got back to the bench she asked me if I knew a place where I could exchange money and I told her that I didn’t, but she still handed me a 10 Euro bill and I wasn’t sure what she wanted me to do because I knew there wasn’t a place in the station. I asked her if she wanted me to exchange it for her, and she said no and that she was giving it to me for the help. I was very surprised but said thank you and couldn’t get over the fact that she gave me 10 euros just for buying her a ticket. However I think that the fact that I am an exchange student like her kids might have had something to do with it

Still it was a weird but good start to the day, especially since I wouldn’t have met or helped them if I hadn’t had missed my original train.

The next awesome but fairly smaller thing that happened today was that my German class was canceled. It is my hardest class since I am 5 years behind and my german teacher still likes for me to at least try and participate, which just makes it a stressful class. It is never canceled but when I got to school today I looked at my schedule and alas there was no more German. 

So that is today, and it is pretty good

ALSO, today is my last day of actual school until the 18th of February because these next three days I have a writing assignment which we are allowed to do at home so I don’t have to come all the way to school to write, and then after this week I have Winter break (which we don’t have in the US) so i will be sleeping in a lot more after today.

Okay so i think I am way overdue for a blog update, and you guys are entitled to one.

It is already February and quite a bit has happened and changed.

Two days ago I moved host families and also moved towns. I still go to the same school but I must now get up about an hour earlier to catch a train to get to school on time. I don’t think it will be as bad as it sounds though, i think the trains are relaxing but i am really going to miss my sleep. The first night i was suppose to sleep at my new home, it also happened to be the super bowl. Of course I wanted to see it since it is basically a celebrated holiday in the US - sort of. One of my host brothers asked if I wanted to come with him and his friends to go and see it in the cinema (how cool is it that they had it playing in the cinema??) and so of course I said yes. Around 7:00pm we left for the theater because they were playing movie before the game started. The actual game didn’t start until around 12:30am for us and so it would last until about 4:30 in the morning, plus some more because of that 39 minute power outage in the stadium. I ended up getting home at 5:30 and then watched my brother and his friend play Madden, but i was too tired to play. I finally caved in and went up to my room to lay down around 6:15am and managed to get some sleep from 6:45-7:00. Then I had to wake up for school. I got to sleep in until 7 since my host mom offered to drive me to school this morning because it had been snowing and the roads were really gross and it was cold. I am now sitting in German wondering when I am going to crash. I’ve currently been up for about 22 hours straight.

My new host family is wonderful of course, but they are much more strict with the language. My host parents will only speak danish to me and i feel bad if I don’t answer back in danish so I don’t talk a lot, but my listening has already gotten better just after one day. I have three host brothers in the house: Stefan (18) who went on exchange to Michigan and we met at the very beginning of my exchange. Thomas (16, about to be 17) is the one that I went to the movies with, he doesn’t like the fact that I am a month older than him. Lastly there is Elias (5) he is the cutest thing but he scares me to death because he always comes up to me speaking danish 90 miles per hour in addition to the fact that I have always been awful with kids. I used to think that smaller kids always drifted towards me and it scared me, but it is terrifying when you can’t understand half of what they are saying and you can’t hardly speak their language. He is the cutest and I think it might end up being good, because he doesn’t care if I mess up at danish and he is fun to talk to. He is also really good at Mario.

Update: I’m feeling better!

Also I am moving tomorrow!

I have a lot of headaches

I straight up miss home 


I think I know how to fix being down

it has been ages since I have picked up a pencil 

someone from home Skype with me, i feel really annoying when i ask people to Skype with me but i really want to Skype is someone.